Your Quality Furnace Installation in Reseda, CA

furnace installation in Reseda, CA

It has been awhile, hasn’t it? That furnace of yours has been cruising along and doing its thing but are you sensing the end is near? The heating bill has kept going up and up. That one you have has held its own for much of the last decade or two but now that sound it is making means it’s on its last legs. Although you have it going pretty nice for yourself in this beautiful California weather, the weather has been rather strange lately, hasn’t it. There are those cold nights that randomly pop up where it would be bad to have your furnace not working properly. GLM is here to help with your new furnace installation in Reseda, CA.

Why Do I Have To Worry About The Furnace?

This is a common question we receive from good folk like yourself in your area. The air conditioner and furnace units are 2 sides of the same coin. Even with your beautiful weather, you know that the summer months get rather unbearably hot. They both function off of the same ducts and ventilation systems so neglecting one side will soon affect the other.

How You Know It Is Time?

These are the clear cut signs that your furnace is on the fritz and it is time for a new one:

  • Has it been installed over 12 years ago?
  • Has the energy bill been continually rising despite you doing all you can?
  • How many parts or small repairs on that unit have you had to make in the last couple of years?

Even though we got it really good for weather in this area, where those cold winter days are for those other people to worry about. It just makes sense to tackle these problems before they get worse. Before you know it, there is those random frigid nights when we least expect it and putting it off has backfired. When it comes to furnace installation in Reseda, CA, there really only is one question to ask yourself.

furnace installation in Reseda CA

The One Question You Need To Answer

            So if it is looking like it is time that leads us to this question: How did the last one treat you? How attached to it were you? Did it do its job and you would like more of the same? Do you want to see if we can find a similar make and model? Or do you want to go about getting a totally new and upgraded system? Are you planning on staying at your home for a while longer? We understand that this is a big decision and one to spend some time with. Feel free to give us a call at (818) 641-3939 to give you our professional opinion.

Why GLM Heating & Air Conditioning For Your Furnace Installation?

             We pride ourselves on giving you the best service you can imagine. We have been serving the Southern California and the Reseda area for the last 8 years and we are just getting started. We have highly qualified technicians that will have a wide range of options for you. Our past clients have been very happy with us and we implore you to check out our reviews.

We keep it simple for you. Schedule your estimate today by calling (818) 641-3939 and we’ll be there to help.



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