What Kind of Air Conditioning is best for Studio City?

AC installation service in Studio City CA

A Rundown Review of Both Ductless and Forced Air for Studio City, CA AC installation service

Winter’s almost over here in LA, and that means warming temperatures in Studio City. When you’re tired from a long day’s work and want to relax at home, make sure you’re ready by choosing a good provider of AC installation service in Studio City, CA. Get the most out of a reliable, efficient cooling system for your LA home or office.

Pros and Cons

Deciding between a ductless mini-split system and conventional air conditioning can be tough. Let’s get started with a look at both systems and their major differences.

The Advantages: Ductless Systems

A ductless split system is small and concentrated on one room or “zone” of your home. This offers you flexibility in temperature zoning and also means you don’t have to heat or cool parts of the home you’re not using as with a forced air system. It’s easy to install and simple in its parts. A ductless system uses an outdoor compressor and an indoor air-handling unit linked by a small, 3-inch electrical conduit.

Ductless systems are great for older construction buildings with thick walls since they do not require ductwork. Instead of cycling on and off throughout the day, like a conventional AC, the rectangular air handler concentrates to keep a constant room temperature.

In our cooler months, a ductless system also works in reverse, by taking heat from outside air and moving in indoors to heat a room. Ductless systems also tend to be quieter than central air systems, and many offer efficiency levels past anything else on the market. There’s also some tax credits and rebates available with these systems.

The Disadvantages: Ductless Systems

Though these concentrated systems mean less wasted energy around the home, and lower utility bills in the long run, their initial installation cost can be high. It can also be harder to find qualified installers. If these systems are placed improperly or sized improperly for the zones they’re supposed to heat or cool, the units can run less efficiently. Also, many homeowners dislike the look of the large mounted wall unit in each room it’s needed.

AC installation service in Studio City, CA

The Advantages: Central or Forced Air Conditioning

A traditional AC system uses a compressor to cool the air and then forces the air through ducts around the home with fans and vents. As the air moves through vents to the rest of the home it warms and then flows back to the AC unit through return ducts and vents. Traditional systems are best when you want to cool your entire home. They are better at increasing a home’s value and don’t require large wall-mounts around the home.

While older models used ozone-depleting coolants, newer models are more efficient and keep homes cool with low humidity. If you already have an existing duct-system, it’s considerably cheaper to replace an older AC unit with a new central air system rather than with a ductless system.

The Disadvantages: Central Air Conditioning System

You can also run into issues with a forced air system if it’s improperly sized for your home, causing it to run constantly if it’s too small. It’s very important to go with a contractor you can trust, though it will be easier to find someone experienced with traditional systems than ductless.

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