What Everyone Must Know About Tuning Up Your Heater?

You may be skeptical about paying a technician $150 a year to tweak a heater that’s supposed to last for many, many years. Everyone wants to avoid spending money needlessly and put it into something that’s a little more worthwhile than a hunk of metal and hot air. Your heater though is one of those many things that we take for granted to live comfortably, and we all yearn for it when it stops working! We’ve heard many of the concerns folks like you have when calling a company to receive heating tune ups in Reseda CA, and we want to explain why this is a necessary investment.

heating tune ups in Reseda CA

This Is What an HVAC Tech Actually Does During an Inspection

Your main concern is that our company, GLM Heating & Air Conditioning, or anyone else is just going to unscrew the covering, look inside for a sec, and then claim all is well so we can take away an easy pay day. You’ll be glad to hear that we do a lot more than that, and our service and training requires us to do some real work so that we not only maintain our reputation, but also help you keep your unit within its warranty. A competent technician will check over the individual parts of your heating unit like the burners, air intake grills, heat exchanger, and the blower wheel amongst others. He’ll also do a thorough inspection of your vents to make sure that the airflow isn’t blocked or escaping from the house. We’ll also make sure that no rust or damage has been inflicted that’ll lead to bigger problems down the line. You can’t get all of this for free or close to nothing, but our guys will take the job seriously.

But What Is This Inspection Going To Prevent?

For starters, it’s a matter of safety! Faulty equipment, debris buildup, and complications from the problems mentioned above can, at worst, cause a house fire. At the least, it’ll impact your utility bills and make some parts of your house feel cooler than the warmer areas. In every home there are items which can catch fire if they’re within a close enough range of a furnace or heater that’s suffering from these problems. Lastly, scheduling annual heating tune ups in Reseda CA is a wise form of preventative maintenance so that you can avoid costly repairs, and maybe even paying a higher rate for someone to come during an emergency.

heating tune ups in Reseda CA

How Do You Know We’re The Right Service Provider?

Well we’ve taken the time to explain the problems that could be brought about if you don’t tune up your heater. Sadly there’s no industry standard as for everything that must be done during an inspection, and we take pride in having our technicians check everything we’ve told you about but also more like amp-draw tests, air pressure checks, and gas pressure testing. GLM Heating & Air Conditioning attempts to leave no stone unturned so that you have peace of mind that comes with knowing your heater is in the best possible state it can be. So if you like what you’ve heard so far, then please call us at 818-641-3939 to schedule a tune up or ask any questions we didn’t answer here.

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