Things to Check when Performing a Heating Repair

While you’ll probably know that calling a heating repair professional to fix your heating system is a great idea, you can sometimes take care of the problem yourself and save money. However, if you think you can’t handle the problem safely or effectively, calling a heating repair expert is an absolute must! There are companies specializing in heating repair in Pasadena, San Fernando Valley that can help you with your heating system problems. You should always ask advice from a qualified heating repair expert for such matters, in order to avoid losing money in the long run.

Replace the filter

Replacing the filter is always the first thing to consider when your heating system stops working efficiently. Common heating problems are caused by dirty filters. Dirty filters, if ignored can cause your heating system to overheat. Replace the filters to ensure that the air circulating in your home, is clean and pollutant free and prevent system overheating which can result in more serious and costly repairs.

  • Check the Gas and Make Sure There is Power

No gas means no heat. Make sure you have gas going to your heater or furnace. If you recently replaced your thermostat, you might have burned the transformer on your heating system. Check the breaker on your power panel. These are all very basic little checks you can carry out before calling in the professionals.

  • Check the Pilot

If you have an old heater with a pilot, like a wall or floor furnace, make sure it stays on. If the pilot isn’t on, the gas can leak out and cause a fire or an explosion. If you are having problems keeping your heating pilot on, call the gas company. They will come and check it free, and even re-light it.

If the steps above don’t solve your heating issues, then it is always best to call an HVAC heating repair company like the heating repair in Pasadena, San Fernando Valley.

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