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For appliances that are as sturdy as heating systems, it can be difficult to realize when it is time to part ways with it. HVAC manufacturers advise replacing the equipment at the end of its expected service life. This time period can vary between ten to twenty years.

Most people, however, feel reluctant to follow the instructions considering the expenses of the units. While age is a definite factor when determining purchase of a new unit, there are other signs too that can indicate that the machine is too far gone to be set right through mere repairs. Here are some of the symptoms to look out for.

The central part of any system is the heat exchanger. This enables the heat to transfer from the gas burners so that it can move throughout the system. However, when this is damaged, it becomes important to replace the unit.

Holes and cracks can develop in the heat exchanger. This can happen when the exchanger heats up beyond its capacity. While this can happen naturally with age, it can also be caused by dirty air filters.

Heat exchangers can rust too if there is plenty of moisture in the area. Rusting can also happen when the interior exchanger develops an issue with its condensate pan or drain, which can cause water to drip or leak onto the furnace exchanger.

Some signs that show a malfunctioning heat exchanger include bad smelling exhausts spreading in your house and soot accumulating around the furnace. It is important to set this right as soon as possible as otherwise it can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

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