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Over eight years strong, GLM Heating and Air Conditioning is building our business in Pasadena and the San Fernando Valley based on quality work and great customer service. If you are in need of new AC equipment replacement in Pasadena, CA, get your family’s health and comfort on track with help from our friendly team of professional technicians.

When it’s time to replace an older AC unit, there are two types of units on the market today to consider. We’ll outline each, highlighting some of the advantages and disadvantages of the two options to help you start your decision. Remember talking person to person about your family’s needs is the best way to get personalized advice, so reach out to us during your researching process.

The two big products in AC: Split or Ductless AC and Forced or Central Air Conditioning

For years, forced air conditioning units have been king in American homes. Why? They are efficient and effective at cooling the whole house and connect to ductwork families also use for their furnaces to heat the home in the winter. Radiators and fireplaces are still around, but far outnumbered by central heating systems. Today’s homeowner often gets AC equipment replacement in Pasadena, CA with a new central air unit that replaces a broken down or inefficient older model because the existing ductwork is already in place to make for an easy switch out. Families who have older homes get ductwork repairs to better insulate and circulate the air from their unit around the home.

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A new preference on the rise

The new trend worldwide is a shift to ductless or split air conditioning systems. For new construction homes, these units are easier to install because a small hole in the wall is all it takes for the condensate drip line to exit the house. Each room gets a unit, allowing for a very personalized control of cooling the rooms. Split AC units are eliminating the annoying variations you hear about in office buildings where one side of the office is freezing cold and everyone’s wearing scarves and sweaters, while the other end of the building is a tropical heat zone, with workers loosening their neckties and sweltering in the heat. Ductless units offer increased efficiency compared to many central air units but that does come with a higher price when installing units in multiple rooms or zones of a building. For some homeowners, split systems offer a modern, eco-friendly, and personalized approach, but for others, they create a distracting eyesore in the room with their large rectangular presence on a wall.

The choice is yours

Ultimately, both systems have their appeal. As a homeowner, you have the balance of your budget, the square footage of your home, and the number of family members you live with to account for in the decision. Your eco-footprint and decorative aesthetic also come into play.

Get some help fine tuning the choices that make sense for you when you need AC equipment replacement in Pasadena, CA. Call GLM Heating and Air Conditioning today at 818-641-3939.

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