Help your kids have a happy, comfy spring

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Help your kids cool off after springtime sports by keeping your home cool and comfortable this summer. Do your kids play soccer, baseball, softball, or biking outside? This spring, make your home extra cozy for kids coming in from sweating outdoors in the heat.

1. Temperatures matter. Kids can be so funny about staying in the house or constantly wanting to be in action mode. Sometimes they might want to get right back outside when they really need the rest indoors, other times it can seem like everything you try to get them out of the house fails, and they seem glued to the TV or gaming system. Optimally cooling the home can help get them comfortable enough to enjoy a little rest indoors, but not so hot that moving out of the bean bag chair is too much work. Set the temperature to something cool that encourages productive movement but still provides relief from the outdoors.

2. Make a hydration station for after sports. Kids need to get hydrated and out of the sun after a sport’s session. All the sweating means they’ve lost electrolytes and need to get more water. Cut a variety of seasonal fruits into small pieces and place them in small bowls. Have kids take an empty glass and pick out a few fruits to flavor their own customized ice water. After finishing drinking, they can eat the fruit or refill for more fun hydration. The whole family can also enjoy a pitcher of water with fruit added in the fridge for convenience. Every few days, remember to clean the pitcher and switch out fruit. This is a simple way to bring refreshment to everyone at zero sugar and zero calories.

3. Make sure the house is ready for the heat. If your AC is over ten years old, look into air conditioning installation in Pasadena, CA from GLM Heating and Air Conditioning. A new system can deliver the cooling power a family needs. A newer model will also help you have time to keep up with the kids and not have to call for expensive repairs. Save that money for a trip to a theme park!

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4. Plan a family game night. Pick out a few games to play at the kitchen table. Sometimes the simplest activities indoors together are the best. There doesn’t have to be a lot going on to enjoy each other’s company. One way to make the game play more relaxing is to make the room a more inviting environment. Get the kids involved and have everyone help clear a few pieces of clutter from the room before game play. After the games, a cool ice cream bar is a fun way to end the evening, everybody wins!

Keep the kids comfortable and happy at home by keeping up on your AC with maintenance or a new installation for a worry-free, fun spring. If you need air conditioning installation in Pasadena, CA, call GLM Heating and Air Conditioning at 818-641-3939.

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