When to Call for Heating Tune-Up

You may not use your heater all the time in Pasadena, but when you need it, you need it. So when is a heating tune-up in Pasadena a good idea? Here are a few reasons to call.

-You are about to start using your heater

When the temperatures chill and you know you will need to use your heater soon, it is a good idea to call a professional for a heating tune-up. You can rest assured that your heater is going to effective and efficient whenever you need to run it.

-Your heater hasn’t had a tune up for a year or more

Even though San Fernando Valley doesn’t call for much heater use, if your heater hasn’t had a tune up in over a year, you should have it checked out. Dust and grime can build up and cause wear and tear on internal parts. In order to ensure that it will work when it’s cold, it should be maintained and inspected every year.

-The heater is making noise

Heaters make noise, but if your heater is louder than normal, there might be something causing it. Getting a tune up allows a professional to go over every piece of the unit, changing out old parts and checking everything over.

-Your heater won’t turn on

When the San Fernando Valley nights turn cold and you attempt to stave off the chill with your heater and it doesn’t turn on, it’s time to call for a tune up. A thorough inspection can help turn things around and keep you warm.

When you are ready to get a heating tune-up, call GLM Heating and Air Conditioning Service. We have been providing superior heating services for homes and businesses in Southern California for the last eight years. You get a free estimate and complete satisfaction.

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