GLM Heating and Air Conditioning Provides Reliable Heater Tune Up

Why Your Heater Needs a Tuneup?

Whatever type of heating system you have in your home, it needs periodic maintenance to keep it running optimally. Even the best systems will eventually get dirty and have parts that fail due to normal usage. Manufacturers recommend that you have your heating system tuned annually to head off problems and to keep it running efficiently. when the time comes, the certified professionals at GLM Heating and Air Conditioning can perform the job quickly and economically.

Through everyday usage, your heating unit will accumulate dirt and debris, which can cause some units to shut down. Other components can crack and break, causing dangerous fumes to be emitted, particularly in oil and gas furnaces. An annual heater tune up can prevent such problems and save you money in the long run through more efficient energy consumption.

What Happens During a Heater Tune Up?

The exact procedure varies, depending on the type of system you have. The first thing that occurs, is that the technician will look for dirt and debris, and in the case of a hydronic system, mold and water damage near the mechanical unit. for traditional furnaces, we’ll check for soot, which signals poor combustion and the color of burner flames. The latter should be stable and blue in color. Unstable flames may allow the production of carbon monoxide and could put building occupants in danger. We’ll also adjust the responsiveness of the thermostat by testing it at various settings and check every electrical connection to make sure each is secure.

In addition to cleaning dirt and securing connections, our technician will change the air filter and recommend any needed work. The professionals at GLM Heating and Air Conditioning have the knowledge and experience to work on all heater makes and models no matter where you live in Pasadena, the San Fernando Valley and surrounding areas. Call today to schedule service.

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