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Air conditioners contain a number of parts that work together to cool indoor spaces. The system has two main components; the air handler and the compressor. The air handler is tasked with cooling and filtering air, while the condenser is responsible for cooling the refrigerant. The air handler consists of the evaporator coils, fan and air filter while the condenser consists of the compressor pump, blower and condenser coils. The system also has a thermostat, which controls the cooling system by turning it on and off as needed. Over time, all these parts will wear out, so a replacement will be needed for one or more parts, or the entire AC system. When in need of AC equipment replacement Pasadena CA, you can count on GLM Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. for the highest quality service.

About Us

We are licensed by the state to offer air conditioner replacement services in the state of California. For over 8 years, we have been serving the Southern California area. Our technicians are highly qualified and experienced, so they can install any type of AC equipment properly.

When to Replace the AC

The air conditioning system in your home should be replaced when it reaches the end of its useful life. Most AC equipment have a life expectancy of around 15 years, so you should consider doing a replacement just before the unit attains its expected lifespan. Obsolete air conditioners consume more energy than necessary, so you will also incur higher energy bills. The system will also break down more often, which means your repair costs will be incredibly high. It’s worth mentioning that during the breakdowns, your home will be uncomfortable. Furthermore, newer models operate efficiently and quietly, so they can easily meet your home’s cooling needs. That said, you can count on GLM Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. for the highest quality service.

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