Ducting and Dust – Two D’s That Don’t Go Well Together

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Your air conditioner is an investment you have chosen to install in your home for the benefit of your family. The added bonus is the value it adds to your property. Like any investment, it has to be cared for and nurtured if you want to get the best value and service for the money you have spent. Air conditioning maintenance Encino CA is vital, whether you care to admit it or not. Regular, thorough maintenance is the key to a perfectly functioning, beneficial system that won’t cost you an arm and a leg to operate during the summer.

Ducting – The Unsung Hero In The Story

Often when you say the words air conditioning, most people will not spare a thought for the ducting network incorporated into the system, however, this is a part of the equipment that if missing, would render your AC useless. The ducting is the highway through which the cooled air travel to get to the rooms in your home. Air conditioning maintenance Encino CA should always include the ducting. Most professional companies like GLM Heating and Air Conditioning Inc make sure of this, however, it won’t do you any harm to check.

When you AC begins to work inefficiently and start accumulating large costs for operation it is characteristic that all eyes fall immediately on the unit but this isn’t always the root of the problem. Ducting that is cracked, worn or flawed can allow cooled air to escape and your system will have to work twice as hard to make up for that. Extra work, additional energy-spent but the results are the same or in many cases, less effective. Once this process is in motion you will find that your utility bills will start to slowly creep upwards and you will feel it in your pocket. At GLM Heating and Air Conditioning Inc our air conditioning maintenance service Encino CA pays special attention to the ducting because we know and understand the value of this network in the whole scheme of things.

Indoor Air Quality – For The Love and Health of your Family

The air brought in from the outside through you AC is polluted and full of pollutants. Yes, a well-maintained AC will have clean filters which are able to prevent most of this from entering your system, however, it can never prevent all.Your AC is in use during the summer probably every day and the filters will get clogged and dirty. The dirtier they are, the less they trap. An air conditioning maintenance Encino CA will guarantee that your filters are changed when they should be.

We know that life is sometimes chaotic and things you know you must do are often put off until a later stage and then they never happen. Think of how much dust, allergens and airborne particles move through the ducting each time you enjoy the comfort of cool air. If this isn’t cleaned away regularly is begins to settle. Once this becomes excessive there is no other place for it to go besides in the air, through the vents and into your home. This can be disastrous. Your family breathes this polluted air in and the damage to their health and the change in their demeanor will be noticable. Allergy related illnesses,brochial ailments and sinus are all common effects of being subjected to poor indoor air quality. Your family will begin to appear lethargic, irritable and moody. The air your breathe plays a considerable part in how your body functions. Good, clean, oxygen-rich air is require for efficient functioning. After all doesn’t your family deserve the best of everything?

AT GLM Heating and Air Conditioning Inc we carry out air conditioning maintenance Encino CA the includes a thorough cleaning of your AC unit as the associated ducting. Keep you air pure and your family in good health.

Call GLM Heating and Air Conditioning Inc today and book your yearly maintenance before the rush hits. For those busy individuals perhaps you could inquire about our maintenance plans which provide you with stress-free maintenance for an affordable monthly fee. Experience comprehensive services and guarantee that when you need your AC, it is working to its maximum potential. 818-641-3939.

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