All You Need To Know About High Efficiency Air Conditioners

air conditioning installation in Tarzana, CA

Many of our customers who need a new air conditioner come to us more than a little confused. The choice in the AC market today has never been greater, but just how do you choose? Most people know that highly efficient air conditioners mean better performance, lower carbon emissions that can lead to lower fuel bills, but that still doesn’t narrow your search much. At GLM, our team of HVAC technicians is fully licensed and insured to carry out air conditioning installation in Tarzana, CA and use their wealth of experience to assess your specific needs before recommending equipment and fitting your chosen product. Read on to get to grips with air conditioning efficiency so you can be confident in the unit you purchase.

The SEER Efficiency Guide

In the California area, we’re all using our AC systems, we need to! But nobody wants to be saddled with high bills and an air conditioner that can’t take the heat literally. The seasonal energy efficiency ratio or SEER is a number allocated to all modern heating and air equipment in line with industry standards after its functioning has been tested prior to manufacture to ensure quality and give an indication of efficiency and fuel consumption. The top 25% of all models are given the Energy Star rating which is recognized across the global and supported by the Department of Energy. Here at GLM we only stock premium models that are high to very highly efficiency. The average SEER rating for a new air conditioner is around 14 but some models go all the way up to 25.

air conditioning installation in Tarzana CA

What Level Of Efficiency Do You Really Need?

Before you get your air conditioning installation in Tarzana, CA from us, we’ll take into consideration your needs and address any concerns you have regarding your new air system. On the whole, central air systems are now the most popular type of air conditioner, these can be combined with your current system or you could get a combination unit to maximize efficiency. People sometimes take the SEER outline above to mean that they should always get the most efficient unit possible, but this isn’t necessarily the best idea. This is where we’re here to help. On call out one of our technicians will take into consideration the size of your home, as well as the location of your air conditioner, these are two important factors ignored by homeowners that get a new air conditioner installed, we know this because we often have people contact us with repeat maintenance and repair issues because their system is not suited to their home.

Usually, very highly efficient systems placed in small homes actually have the opposite effect in terms of consumption and function because they’re built to power larger properties and short running cycles actually drive up electric usage and can be costly to repair as replacement parts come at a premium, while a product not powerful enough can become quickly backed up and overworked leading to more frequent breakdowns and maintenance needs. For long-term savings and comfort at home, call GLM Heating and Air Conditioning on 818-641-3939 for your new air conditioning installation in Tarzana, CA.


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