Air Conditioning Tune-Up in Tarzana, CA

Air Conditioning Tune-Up in Tarzana, Reseda, CA and the Surrounding Areas

GLM Heating and Air Conditioning - Air Conditioning Tune-Up in Pasadena, CAIt is normal to require an AC tune-up as dirt and dust are built up over time. This causes the unit to increase the energy bills and does not perform efficiently. Most of the cases dealt with by professionals in this field are because users did not do regular upkeep of the AC. Some things are best left to the experts. Tuning up the AC unit is one of them. When you request a tune-up of your AC unit, the person you hire will:


  • Ensure that electrical connectors are tightened
  • Check contractors to see if they are pitted or burned
  • Check capacitors
  • Look on the amps or volts on the fan motor
  • Check the pressure used to operate the refrigerant
  • Measure the differences in temperatures for supply and return
  • Check bearings and lubricate if necessary
  • Ensure the safety devices and service valves are working properly
  • Inspect condenser coil and fan blade
  • Check to see if ductwork is losing energy
  • Check if there is any wire exposed in the electrical system
  • Inspect for adequate installation a rating on disconnect box
  • Use anti-algae to treat or flush the condensate drain
  • Clean the filters and the coil
  • Remove any debris that might be in the condenser area
  • Check thermostat to level and calibrate it

Importance of AC Tune-Ups

The air conditioner is running now more than ever because the hot summer is here. Get the AC checked to ensure optimum performance in keeping the building cool. Efficient running of the AC will also save you cash. AC tune-up at the right time will allow you to avoid the stress of having to repair or replace the unit. Can you imagine having to do this while experiencing a heatwave? It is always better to prevent rather than cure. Save yourself from stress by tuning your AC and keep it running smoothly.

Have questions?  Submit a request through our online request form or give us a call and our specialist will help guide you through the different Air Conditioning Tune- Up options.

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