Air Conditioning Repair Sherman Oaks CA

8 Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repair Sherman Oaks CA

Regular AC maintenance is critical to avoiding costly air conditioning repair Sherman Oaks CA bills. However, if you find yourself neglecting regular maintenance, try to address repair needs immediately to stop small problems from becoming major ones. Speedy repairs will help you save money and avoid issues that could ultimately retire your ac.

Signs You Need to Contact GLM Heating and Cooling

It is time to contact us so a certified and well-trained technician can repair your unit if:

– You have a running unit that is not giving off any air

– You feel warm or hot air coming from the unit

– You have a broken thermostat

– The unit will not turn on or turns off by itself

– The unit comes on but takes a long time to start cooling the room/area

– The unit forms ice or drips

– The unit hisses (which suggests the refrigerant is leaking)

– You have to endure rattling or grinding when the unit is in use

– The AC makes the room smell bad

Yearly Sherman Oaks CA Air Conditioning Maintenance

Frequent check-ups may not save you from experiencing all possible air conditioning issues since anything with moving parts will have problems at some point. However, frequent check-ups will help you identify problems before they reach the point of no return. Therefore, at the very least, aim for annual maintenance because you definitely want a properly functioning unit in the summer!

Contact Us Now; the GLM Team Is Waiting to Help!

Need professional AC repair Sherman Oaks CA?  A certified, skilled GLM technician can help you get the best out of your unit, just Call 818.641.3939 or visit Remember, your AC is a valuable investment so every effort must be taken to maximize its returns.  Let us help you, contact us now!

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