A Rise In AC Repairs Needed In The Spring

AC repair in Encino, CA

The California area experiences an increase in storms and unpredictable weather in the spring, if you haven’t maintained your air conditioning unit or are unfortunately affected by the stormy weather this season, it’s likely that your AC will become ineffective or breakdown completely. At GLM Heating and Air Conditioning, we’re on hand to help you stay cool inside whatever the weather is doing outside with our expert technicians carrying out AC repair in Encino, CA and surrounding areas on a regular basis and more frequently at this time of year. See below what problems storms pose to your air conditioning and how our team will go out fixing them to give you both insight and peace of mind that when you come to us, we’ll take care of any repairs in a proper and timely manner. After all who wants to be left without AC round here now the weather is heating up again?

Damage That Occurs To AC Units In Spring Storms

Homeowners in the California area are at a greater risk of AC damage caused by high winds. In these cases debris usually enters the unit itself, this is more likely when the casing and the internal parts have gone unchecked. All it takes is a few leaves or a buildup of dirt or dust to reduce the functioning of your system and in the cases of harder materials such as stones or twigs, the coils can easily snap, the filters or condenser become blocked and the fan can give up the ghost. As many people have their central air equipment or a 2-in-1 system stored to the side or back of their home, as soon as the storms come, disaster can strike. If your unit is located on the roof to provide easy air circulation, the vents are vulnerable and one of our technicians will want to make sure that both the housing of your AC and the ducts are in good shape when you get an AC repair in Encino, CA from us.

AC repair in Encino CA

Quick Repair Solutions To Save You Time and Money

It’s best to notify us if you notice or suspect that your air conditioning system may be in need of a repair following a storm. Even if there hasn’t been clear damage to your home itself, if your yard shows signs of the fallout, it’s better to have one of our HVAC certified technicians take a look as soon as possible. Repairing your air system is a sure-fire way to avoid needing a full replacement, this is especially true if the stormy weather is still ongoing. Repairs caused by storms usually involve the main parts of your equipment and are simple to replace and recalibrate, saving you both money and time today and going forward.

Our technicians do a full assessment of your system when you contact us about an AC repair in Encino, CA providing both repair solutions and optimizing your system to help you get the best from your AC, many of our customers report experiencing better output and lower fuel bills as a result so it always pay to sort problems as they arise. Call us today on 818-641-3939 and we’ll be out at a time to suit you, whatever the weather!

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