4 Important Features of Your Air Conditioning System In Pasadena, CA

4 Important Features of Your Air Conditioning System In Pasadena, CAGLM Heating and Air Conditioning Inc.

When you have a brand new air conditioning installation Pasadena CA service come into your home, the more simple the process the better. This is especially true if you have just moved into your new home in Pasadena, CA. After all, you want to go out and see whats around, right?

When installing and maintaining these systems that help to bring comfort and clean air into your home, a professional air conditioning installation Pasadena CA looks at a variety of different features.

There is no doubt that taking the time to look at often-forgotten features will help you to ensure you get the best bang for your buck regarding the efficiency of your AC unit. This not only saves you money but increases the comfort of your home. Further validating the reasons you decided to choose an air conditioning installation Pasadena CA in the first place.

Layout and Type of Ductwork

The ductwork in your house has a significant impact on how your cooling unit runs. Ductwork firstly must be the right size and diameter. When it is installed it is important to ensure that it’s laid out with efficiency as a priority. Traditional, flexible ductwork tends to be of lower efficiency than the modern insulated ducts, giving a significantly better result.

Location of Unit

When working with your air conditioning installation Pasadena CA, placement is very important. Placing a unit in a place where it is least likely to get damaged is crucial when deciding where the system goes. It is good practice to place the unit away from walls and frequently used rooms.


Not many people realize that age-old units no longer run according to the “law” of cooling units. This is thanks to the usual R-22 refrigerant being taken out of the game in 2015.

This means that you need to ensure your new system is compatible with the more environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant. This also avoids potentially large costs surrounding fixing backdated air conditioning units.


The efficiency of your air conditioning unit helps to save you money in the long run (with some newer units being 50% less expensive to run). It also means that your home and HVAC system will comply with the new minimum environmental regulations on how well your system runs.

All of these features culminate to give you an air conditioning system that is running at it’s highest potential. Giving you and your family the comfort and air quality that they deserve. When installing your new system or simply maintaining your current one, choosing certified professionals makes all the difference.

If you would love to work with a company who have years of dedicated experience in assessing and applying all of these features. Give us a call at GLM Heating and Air Conditioning on 818-641-3939 or simply visit our Contact Us page to discuss how we can achieve this alongside you.

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